Abboushi Audio

Pre-order up for Crypt of the Necrodancer vinyl release. Don't miss your chance to get a copy of this award winning original sound track by composer Danny Baranowsky, mastered by Andrew.


Download the ROCKY™ game for iOS and enjoy the punchy soundtrack, mastered by Andrew.

The craft of audio mastering is lovingly referred to as the 'dark art' of music production. Put simply, it is the bridge between production and distribution. In the contemporary world of digital downloads & streaming, the job of the mastering engineer is as creative as it is technical, using specialized tools to correct mistakes and elevate the quality of the stereo mix.

In an economy that is moving towards automation at an alarming rate, the value of artisans and craftsmen has never been greater. Drag-and-drop digital mastering services as well as 'one button' style plug-ins are decidedly underwhelming. Critical listening skills and real-life benchmarks make a human mastering engineer invaluable.

A great track from CFCF, mastered by Andrew.